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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 27, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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ddar with your bare hand. i didn't say tough, i said hungry. if you're so hungry, eat this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare mouth. tillamook cheese slices, tastes better because it's made better. 14 people have been struck by lightning in southern california. most at a popular los angeles beach, as rare summer thunderstorms roll across part of the state. good evening, i'm ama daetz. 13 of those lightning strike victims were injured this afternoon at venice beach. one was struck on catalina island off the coast. you're looking now at a photo of one of the victims, scuba diver. a total of eight people were taken to the hospital two in critical condition. the lightning actually hit the boardwalk. this unusual weather came from monsoon moisture that brought a
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line of brief but fierce afternoon thunderstorms to the region. take a look at video just into the abc7 news room a short time ago, showing us a crowd gathered at venice beach and emergency crews. at least three lightning strikes sparked two brush fires in the catalina island area earlier in the day. now, let's gate check on this really unusual weather. abc7 meteorologist frances dinglasan is here with live doppler 7hd. >> i want to show you online live doppler 7hd. the satellite radar composite of that area during the 1:00 hour. look at that severe line of thunderstorms heading north and south. between 1:00 and 3:00, the severe weather moved up from long beach, towards los angeles, hitting the areas of venice beach. we had thunderstorms and rain and also seeing some thunderstorm activity in our area, just off the coast, off
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monterey. we had numerous thunderstorms during the 1:00 hour, is a show you a loop. and what is happening, as this monsoonal moisture makes its way northword towards the bay area, we're seeing most of it in the form of high clouds. still a chance of precipitation and an isolated shower, and some thunderstorms. i will let you know more about that with the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> it is still a very active scene at venice beach. one victim was 15-year-old. we'll monitor the situation and have updates at 6:00 and on twit ter. turning now to the middle east. israel and hamas launched new attacks in the raging gaza war. the latest defensive comes despite a back and forth over proposals to a temporary halt to three weeks of fighting ahead of a major muslim holiday.
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israeli guns roared back to life, going on the offensive again after israel announced a 24-hour extension of the humanitarian truce. hamas refused the gesture and sent more rockets into israel. these pictures appear to show a rocket misfiring, smoke rising near a beach. an explosion. then part of the projectile rolling down the street. but another rocket found its mark at this could home which was extensively damage this. problem will repeat nit two or three years, said this man. we need to finish this once and for all. hamas later accepted a truce extension but it did not hold but mutual attacks resumed and each side blaming each other. >> israel not going to let a
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terrorist organization fire at our people. >> they insist of bombing and shelling people and civilians and then blame the victims. >> the brief lull in the fighting gave israeli soldiers a day of rest on their sabbath. for many gazans its maintain a sommer return to their homes, sometimes just piles of rubble. this boy was reunited with his toy bear. and they buried their dade. georgians took the opportunity to stack if for the holiday which will shortly macthe end of ramadan, a holiday they now expect to spend in a war zone. >> to developing news in the sand fire burning east of sacramento. fast-moving flames have destroyed ten homes. flames charred more than six square mile is. 515 homes are in the line of fire. 1200 people evacuated. >> grab your family, that's the most important thing. i have a two-month-old and a three-year-old so my whole
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thought is my family first. you feel helpless. what can you do? >> the fire started friday afternoon, likely bay vehicle that sparked dry brush. nearly 1500 fire personal are battling the flames. it's 35% come plained. >> south a wildfire destroyed at least one home on the outskirts of yosemite. the fire is threatening dozens of homes and cabins. fire has now green to more than 2100 acres. several roads in the area are closed. there's no access to yosemite valley but the park itself remains open. no word on what sparked the fire burning in an area still recovering from another fire back in 2009. new details tonight on a triple shooting in east palo alto that left one man dead and injured two women. the victims are 31-year-old man from fremont and two women from east palo alto. the two are expected to survive.
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officers responded to the scene just before midnight after shot spotter technology indicated gunshots in the area. investigators are urging anyone who may have information about the shootings to give them a call. an alameda county firefighter was injured during a two-alarm fire in san leandro this morning at the stylist hair salon. fire department sent us these photos. you can see the fire just gutted that salon. no employees or customers were hurt. one firefighter was hospitalized for an unidentified injury. and the nail salon next to the hair salon had a lot of smoke and heat damage. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the very last sporting event at candlestick was held todayment it was football, but not of the american variety. still, it was a nostalgic day for some. sirow quintana is live from the stick with the story. reporter: and actually the event
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hasn't just started yet. we watched the last bus of players come here just a couple minutes ago. it's an unanticipated delay. the park itself is decently full but by no means full to the capacity we expect from a 49ers game. there are three different fans here, those following the san jose earthquakes, those who are following madrid, who would only see that team in person if they flew to europe, and then, of course, those fans who are here because they're fans of candlestick park and wanted to see one last game here. as sports fans made their way into candlestick park the gravity of the event is clear. >> actually taking pictures as we were walking in to make sure memorabilia. >> this final sports matchup brought out an odd combination of colors, like this guy, wearing spanish soccer red and white and classic 49ers scarlet and gold. i asked his daughter.
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>> soccer and football? >> here's weird. >> all weirdness aside he wanted to bring his daughter to see soccer and send off the exteriored and soon to be shut down sports arena. >> the madrid soccer team is in town as part of a spanish promotional tour in san francisco. they played the san jose earthquakes and as fans made their way into the stick, i talked with a member of the cleanup crew. it will be one of the last times he gets to work here. >> the last ride. enjoy thestick while they can. after that's it's it. >> some fans are trying to get tickets to the mccartney concert but that's the most pricey ticket, more than $500 a seat. >> still ahead at 5:00, have construction problems of the new bay bridge reached a criminal center one state law mostly
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cloudier thinks for. >> for a berkeley mother, another race means another win. a look at the winners
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a state senator is calling for a criminal investigation into construction problems on the new bay bridge. the senator says a senate investigative report details how the department of transportation accepted substandard work at taxpayer expense. the report details how caltrans knowingly allowed flawed potentially hazardous work bay chinese firm that welded most of the suspension span, roadway, and tower, a hearing on the report is scheduled for next month. thousands took to the streets of san francisco for the annual marathon and half marathon. 25,000 people took off from the starting line at the ferry building this morning. the 37th annual event was sold out this year. here's a look at the winners and their final times. on the men's side, august brautigam, his first marathon win. and anna bretan, mother of three
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from berkeley, won the women's race for the second year in a row. >> colorado rockies troy tulowitzki has become one of the best players in the league but the rockies don't know how to spell his name. they gave out 15,000 jerseys honoring the bay area native but his name was misspelled. the second "t" was missing. the rockies apologized and said fans can exchange the jerseys for corrected ones later this year. tulowitzki attended high school in sunnyvale. >> brides to be gown shop for a cause. it's an opportunity for brides to get a deal and make a difference. heading live outside, calm and clear out in but we have some unusual weather overnight. there's a chance we could see some showers. meteorologist frances dinglasan as the accuweather after the
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this weekend brides to be are getting ready for the big day by giving back. the brides against breast cancer tour made its stop in emeryville. thousands of wedding gowns are off everred at doesn'ts occupy to 85%. nearly 80% of the proceeds are used to provide free programs for cancer patients and their families. >> wedding dresses are very expensive and sometimes way out of a bride's budget. so that's why we are here and not only are we able to supply the bride with this kind of dress and also able to help out a great cause. >> last year the tour raised $2 million to fight breast
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cancer. it is time for a check on the weather. let's get to abc7 meteorologist frances dinglasan for the latest. >> we continue to see the unusual weather pat turn with the monsoonal moisture. we sauce numerous thunderstorms off the coast, and we're not getting much precipitation but there's still a chance of an isolated shower, possibly off the coast, and even the higher elevations, and of course we won't rule out the chance of a thunderstorm as well for tomorrow. and we'll also show you temperatures today, so check out the beach. santa cruz, nice beach day. lots of folks out there. currently 67 in san francisco. 74 in oakland. san carlos, 81. san jose, 85. gilroy, 89. half moon bay, 61. from the east bay hills looking west, we see the high clouds and that's going to bring us a absolutely more humid condition and the chance of the thunderstorm. santa rosa, 84.
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novato, 90. fairfield, 96. concord, 98. livermore, 97. as we look from sutro towards downtown san francisco we see blue skies and lots of warm weather out there. but we are keeping an eye on a chance of thunderstorms for you, an isolated light shower is more likely. absolutely cooler numbers tomorrow. unfortunately, not much relief for the next few days. and here's why. there's this huge dome of hot air. this continues to bring us that monsoonal moisture as the air circulates clockwise. the air will be coming from the south, so that's bringing the threat of thunderstorms as well to southern california. it's pulling the moisture in from the gulf of california. and forecast animation shows even some showers possible tonight by 7:00 off the peninsula coast. we'll see the high clouds moving through as well, as well as the fog pushing in, and then tomorrow more sunshine again with high clouds. so overnight lows, mild, 50s and 60s. 56 in san francisco.
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58, oakland. 63, san jose. so, look for some numbers to come down for tomorrow, but overall, still another hot day. 86 in san jose. 93 in morgan hill. look for 85 in santa clara. 19 in los gatos. lower part of the peninsula, mid-80s. beaches, mild. downtown, san francisco, coming down as well, but it's unusual. actually feels like summer in san francisco right now. 69 degrees. numbers range in the 80s. still see hot weather in ukiah. 70s in the east bay. 80 in san leandro and upper 90s in the inland areas. so, still hot with those high clouds, and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the monsoonal moisture with the high clouds will bring us a slight chance of an isolated shower. they will be short-lived. most likely see them off the coast or the higher elevation.
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of course we're not going to rule out a chance of a thunderstorm and that stays with us into possibly tuesday. and then much better by next weekend. >> thank you, frances. colin rush is in for shu and a big honor for some athletes. >> very big. a couple guys we got to know and love here, big day for them a stellar class entered baseball's hall of fame. the sick-member class included two ties to the oakland
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>> cooperstown welcomed tony larussa. he mappinged his way to three
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world series titles, two came with the cardinals but his first is the one we'll all remember, 25 years ago, in the a's beat the giants in the bay bridge series. larussa led oakland to three consecutive world series appearances between 1988 and 1990. today he joined the hall of fame. another one, frank thomas, yankees manager joe temperature torre, and bobby cox and greg mud ducks. >> preparing is just studying for the test. i think what our teams did was we took the test. we competed like fanatics. >> i mentioned thomas. the big hurt goes in as a white sox but had a memorable season for the a's in 2006 when he had 39 home runs and drove in 1213 home runs. thomas was overcome with emotion. >> we're a long way from columbus, georgia.
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and believe in the same vision. i know it wasn't easy. but i thank you for raising -- you and dad made sure we made it. >> thank you, mom and dad. a's and rangers on person, pitching mismatch. scott kazmir, miles niklas, but apparently he has troubles throwing not just to home plate but everywhere. craig gentry, the come backer. jake peavy makes his giants debut tonight. the sear finale with the dodgers just underway. >> the mayor of name declared this jeff gordon day, jinx, right? no, if gold felt any pressure-didn't show. a four-time winner of the brickyard 400, the golden boy found himself in perfect position with 22 laps to go, on the tale of kasey kahne. truex breaks down, brings out a
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restart. restarts have been the achilles heel for gordon but not today. 20 years after his first brickyard win, gordon gets his record fifth. give the bricks a smooch. >> not a greater feeling for a driver driver -- driver and team. i wasn't very good on restarts toy but finally made the restart of my life. >> the nhra sonoma nationals wrapping up. this is video from today in an elimination around. >> the river seine, last day of the tour de france. anybody -- the first italian winner. and bernhard langer, a 4-under, the best round of the day and
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unnecessary. he had an eight-shot lead going in, beats collin montgomerie by a champions tour record 13 strokes, final round of the canada canadian open. tim clark, the birdie on 15, five birds on the back nine. four better than furyk's 69 for a one-stroke win. his second ever tour victory. a day after running back kendall hunter tore his acl. he la marcus james was carted off with an injury. >> getting serious air. terry hawk brings his famous stunts to berkeley. his tricks and a
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>> at 6:00, we'll continue to follow breaking news out of southern california after a rare lightning storm strikes more than a dozen people. also check out the forecast in area to see if more lightning strikes could be coming. a cross-country rally kicks off with star power. tony hawk was performing stunts above 400 minicoopers at golden gate field. the promotional tour will end in boston and help raise money for abused and abandoned animals. that does it for us at 5:00. see you at 6:00. world news is next.
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welcome to "world news" tonight the breaking news on two fronts. lightning striking a number of beaches in california. several taken to the hospital. while in the east, the deadly scene and small plane in trouble trying to land beside the water. a family walking on the beach in the path of the plane. the wildfires in the west. dozens of battle zones burning right now and one outside a california city. evacuations underway. >> i'm scared. >> another fire near the national park. tourists sending out photos. of the billowing smoke. and hotels in the dark. also tonight the severe weather hitting elsewhere. 90 million americans on alert. flash flooding and tornado watches up right now. the real concern, most of this will hit overnight. and the ebola fears worsening tonight from africa. two americans infected.


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